NQL Inc. announced the availability of its Wireless Module for the NQL ContentAnywhere system. The Wireless Module is a $5,000 add-on to the recently announced NQL ContentAnywhere Office Edition and is a standard feature in the NQL ContentAnywhere Enterprise Edition. The Wireless Module is designed to make information such as inventory levels, sales data, or any other information categorized within the NQL ContentAnywhere system viewable via devices such as Palm VII handheld, Pocket PC/Handheld PC (Windows CE devices) and WAP Smart Phone. This is the second add-on module announced for the NQL ContentAnywhere Office Edition, following the announcement of the Document Management Module. The Document Management Module is designed to allow collaboration on documents created in Microsoft Office applications, XML documents, and other kinds of documents or files that can be opened by a desktop application. As a collaborative system, the Document Management Module promotes sharing, centralization, indexing, and collaboration of documents in an organization and is designed to allow users to contribute content and eliminate duplicated editing efforts. www.nqli.com