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Day: June 3, 2001

BEA Announces WebLogic Portal 4.0

BEA Systems, Inc. announced BEA WebLogic Portal 4.0, based on BEA WebLogic Server. BEA WebLogic Portal 4.0 will incorporate BEA WebLogic Personalization Server, which currently ships with BEA Portal Framework. In addition, BEA WebLogic Portal 4.0 will include new portal technologies, user tools and partner applications to more easily and cost-effectively deploy e-business portals for employees, customers, partners and suppliers. BEA WebLogic Portal will include four critical technologies: personalization, portal framework, presentation, and integration. BEA WebLogic Portal will be delivered as an integrated solution with tools for business users to personalize users’ online experiences, and for IT organizations to enable enterprise-wide standards, security and administration. BEA WebLogic Portal can rapidly scale to thousands of concurrent users and transactions, and can be adapted to manage multiple portal initiatives. BEA also announced the Star Portal Solution, an expansion of BEA’s Star Partner Program. Partners include: Autonomy, ScreamingMedia, Documentum, Interwoven, Vignette,, Compoze Software, Netegrity, and Securant. Autonomy, Documentum, Interwoven and ScreamingMedia will be bundled in the partner pack that ships with WebLogic Personalization Server 3.5 and will ship with WebLogic Portal 4.0. WebLogic Portal 4.0 will be available in fall 2001. Businesses can begin deploying portals now using BEA Portal Framework, included in current versions of BEA WebLogic Personalization Server and BEA WebLogic Commerce Server. All BEA WebLogic products can be downloaded from

IntraNet Solutions Announces Release of Xpedio 5.0

IntraNet Solutions, Inc. announced the release of Xpedio 5.0, an enhanced version of its Xpedio Content Management system. Xpedio 5.0 includes enhancements to the system’s enterprise development tools, globalization features, enterprise platform support, and contribution and conversion capabilities. 5.0’s workflow enhancements provide support for managing enterprise-level source content and Web site productions, including a Visio graphical development interface that allows users to graphically design workflows. Users are also able to trigger the execution of external applications from within the workflow process. Version 5.0 includes a Java Server Pages (JSP) server. The new product also integrates with Dreamweaver. Globalization features include a localization kit, which enables the company and selected partners to produce versions of Xpedio in different languages. IntraNet Solutions will be releasing French and German versions of Xpedio, and Japanese, Korean and Portuguese versions are being produced for IntraNet Solutions by its partners. Version 5.0 incorporates a WebDAV server. 5.0 includes enhanced XML conversion that automatically converts content to XML when it is checked into Xpedio. The product also supports the automatic conversion and management of additional new file formats, including cHTML, the format for NTT DoCoMo’s i-Mode service in Japan. Xpedio 5.0 also includes a new module, that tracks content usage within an organization and generates reports based on metadata and user profiles. Xpedio 5.0 will begin shipping on June 22, 2001 and is priced at $100,000 to $250,000 USD. Xpedio Content Tracker will be sold as an optional module and is priced at $25,000 USD.

Gauss & Cybelius Software Announce Technology Partnership

Gauss and Cybelius Software announced a technology partnership to integrate the Gauss VIP enterprise content management platform with the Cybelius Conductor Immersive Advanced Runtime Platform. The partnership enables joint customers to extend Web content management capabilities to support configurable — and immersive — 3D product models for B2B and consumer facing Websites. With Conductor, database-driven models allow an unlimited number of product configurations. Additionally, easy updating and reuse of parts of the 3D models and interactivities make it easy to reflect product line upgrades and model changes, even when there are thousands of products involved. Conductor also can link the 3D models to online product catalogs and other enterprise systems. Using VIP in conjunction with the Cybelius platform, joint customers can manage thousands of 3D model images originating from multiple sources, so enterprises can provide configurable 3D model images for any number of products via their Web-based offerings. Gauss and Cybelius will target both B2B and B2C companies from a wide range of market segments, including transportation, manufacturing, financial services, retail, telecom and high-technology industries.,

Open Market Releases New Versions Content Server & Content Centre

Open Market, Inc. released Content Server 3.6 and Content Centre 3.6 providing integration with additional operating system platforms, language support, and search capabilities. Content Server and Content Centre, both pure J2EE technologies, are key components of Open Market’s product family, Content Server Enterprise Edition. Content Server 3.6 introduces support for two new operating system platforms, IBM AIX and Microsoft Windows 2000. In addition, there are new capabilities in the area of internationalization with certification for most European languages as well as Japanese, Chinese and the UTF-8 character set. And Content Server now offers optional imbedding of the Alta Vista search engine V3.0 and the Verity Connector for customers who have installations of the Verity Information Server. Content Centre 3.6 is the CSEE browser-based application that enables non-technical business managers to create, manage, manipulate, and deliver content to numerous targets, including Web sites, PDAs, cell phones, and other wireless devices. It also provides out of box, automated workflow and version control. Improvements in this version include a new rendering model for dynamic sites which encourages site designers to take full advantage of the disk caching options; a new sample site that serves as a blueprint for all aspects of site design; Java Server Page support which allows developers to code page elements with either XML or JSP; and a Share Assets option that allows site operators to re-use content assets across multiple sites and other delivery devices. The Content Server 3.6 and Content Centre 3.6 are available now on the electronic distribution site and CD-ROM. The pricing is unchanged from previous versions.

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