SearchCube, Inc. announced SearchRocket, their Internet software with a new user-interface paradigm that facilitates rapid searching on the Internet and presents results in a compact, hierarchical format. SearchRocket is a Windows application that searches search engines such as Google and Yahoo as well as search engines in fields such as Information Technology, Medical, Finance, and Genealogy. The search results can be viewed in different ways, rapidly filtered, and selected links can be deleted, annotated or bookmarked. The results are saved using XML in a document known as a Search Cube that can be sent to other users or refreshed later. SearchRocket has features not available with other Internet search applications and bots. For example, a selected search result can serve as a “launch point” from which the user can initiate a new search, the results of which will be encapsulated under the selected search result. SearchRocket also can understand and expose individual search engine “power features” such as allowing a user to find other results similar to a chosen result. If a SearchRocket user chooses this option on a result then the similar pages are retrieved from the search engine and gathered and encapsulated under the selected link. SearchRocket also has the ability to expose search engine categories like Yahoo’s Category Matches as separate folders. The company is seeking co-branding opportunities with other suitable companies especially in the fields of Information Technology, Medical and Finance. The company also emphasizes that SearchRocket was designed to plug into almost any search engine with minimal effort and uses XML to configure it. SearchRocket can be downloaded for free from Download size is 1.1 MB. SearchRocket requires one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL, Opera, or MSN Explorer.