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eBT Announces Liquidation

eBT International, Inc. announced that its Board of Directors has unanimously voted to dissolve and liquidate the Company, subject to the approval of the holders of a majority of its shares. Based upon current information, the Company anticipates that assets available for distribution to shareholders will be between $3.10 and $3.22 per share. The Board will call a special meeting of shareholders, expected to be held in August 2001, to approve the Plan of Complete Liquidation and Dissolution. A Proxy statement describing the Plan will be mailed to shareholders approximately 30 days prior to the meeting. In reaching its decision that the plan of liquidation and dissolution is in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders, the Board of Directors considered a number of factors. The Proxy statement will describe these factors in detail, including the Company’s recent performance, the state of the content management industry, prevailing economic conditions and previous unsuccessful efforts to sell or merge the Company last year and more recently. The Board also considered restructuring the business in light of the Company’s unsatisfactory revenue performance in the fiscal quarter ended April 30, 2001. These plans, including plans involving significant reductions in the Company’s current operations, either entailed considerable risk, or did not demonstrate that positive operating cash flow or operating income could be achieved in a period of time acceptable to the Board, and required a significant amount of cash to fund the Company’s operations prior to the achievement of potentially acceptable financial results. In connection with the intent to liquidate, the Company has begun the orderly wind down of its operations, including laying off the majority of its employees, seeking purchasers for the sale of its intellectual property and other tangible and intangible assets and providing for its outstanding and potential liabilities. In addition, the Company will continue to provide support and maintenance to existing maintenance agreement holders for the duration of their current contracts.

CSC PLOENZKE & empolis GmbH forming partnership

A cooperation agreement between CSC PLOENZKE and empolis content management GmbH is in place for the XML product line from empolis where CSC PLOENZKE provides its integration services. The current focus of this agreement is to professionally meet all requirements demanded by extended and distributed projects for mid-sized, as well as large international enterprises. The cooperation agreement will initially be based on sigmalink, empolis’s content management solution. XML based knowledge management products from empolis will also become an integral part of the product range provided through CSC PLOENZKE’s services.,

Mercado Announces ‘UniClass’, e-Catalog Tool

Mercado Software announced UniClass, an automated product classification and attribute extraction solution for e-Catalogs. With the introduction of UniClass, Mercado Software broadens its offering of e-Catalog Essentials to distributors, shopping portals, e-Procurement sites, e-Marketplaces, and e-Catalog content providers. UniClass quickly and accurately processes hundreds of catalogs with millions of SKUs across multiple product domains. It has the flexibility to support any standard or custom classification scheme. UniClass provides rich content and consistent results — with 99% accuracy. UniClass works With Any Classification Scheme UniClass works with the aggregator’s preferred classification system, whether it is an e-Commerce industry standard (such as UNSPSC, eCl@ss, or RUS) or its own custom classification scheme. UniClass accommodates any e-Catalog. It works with any catalog database and can import and export files in XML or delimited text format. UniClass accommodates any XML format, including e-Commerce industry standard such as xCBL, cXML and ebXML. UniClass is available immediately through Mercado Software sales channels worldwide. Contact Mercado Software for pricing.

Interwoven & Netegrity Form Alliance for Portals & Marketplaces

Interwoven, Inc. and Netegrity, Inc. announced an alliance and planned integration of their two products. The joint offering will provide a solution for portal and B2B infrastructure beyond the four walls of the enterprise, allowing customers, suppliers, partners, and employees to contribute and manage their content in an efficient and effective manner. Together, Interwoven TeamSite software and Netegrity’s SiteMinder platform will enable enterprises to streamline the content collaboration and content management processes for portal users and marketplace participants. Netegrity’s single sign-on offers the capability for all portal users to be automatically logged into TeamSite and be provided the proper roles and permissions to contribute content to the Web site. Portal users are then able to avoid logging into the portal multiple times and ultimately have a more efficient user experience.,

OnePage Introduces MyWeb for Vertical Portals & Consumer Sites

OnePage, Inc. introduced MyWeb, a fully integrated portal solution for vertical portals and consumer sites that allows for complete end-user customization of content. This follows the recent introduction of Content Connect, OnePage’s portlet-building tool designed for corporate portals. MyWeb creates a personalized and relevant experience for users. Employing an intuitive interface and a simple point-click-capture method, users identify and grab any web-based content, including information from the Internet, intranets, web-based email and personal accounts, local and broadband content and partner datafeeds. OnePage’s software integrates into all popular portal platforms and translates into HTML, XML or WML for use in a variety of wireless, enterprise and web service applications. For vertical portals and web publishers, MyWeb generates higher adoption of portal and “mypage” services. Because OnePage’s software is user-driven, costs associated with deployment and management of highly personalized pages is reduced to a minimum.

Context Media & Artesia Partner

Context Media, Inc. and Artesia Technologies announced a collaboration to produce a B2B system for managing, sharing, distributing, and syndicating an organization’s valuable digital content assets. The new solution integrates Artesia’s TEAMS Digital Asset Management Solution, which enables organizations to capture, manage, and dynamically re- express rich-media assets, with Context Media’s Interchange Platform, which extends these packages to the content owner’s distribution partners for sharing or syndication. The combined solution gives customers the ability to take content indexed and managed with TEAMS and extend it by making it available to partners and affiliates through the Interchange Platform.,

Ontopia announces OEM deal with Starbase

Ontopia AS, announced that Starbase Corporation has signed a definitive strategic agreement to license Ontopia’s Topic Map technology. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. Starbase Corporation will adopt Ontopia technology as part of their strategic corporate solution for a number of mission-critical initiatives. Topic Mapping is a new paradigm for organizing, retrieving, and navigating information. Through the provision of a ‘knowledge layer’ that is independent of the information resources themselves, topic maps help capture and manage corporate memory, improve indexing, and enable the integration of information that spans multiple, disparate repositories. Topic Maps are an international standard, defined by ISO, and can be interchanged using XML.,

Mozquito Reveals XForms Technology

Mozquito Technologies unveiled new XForms technology that will simplify online business-to-business transactions. Mozquito XForms is XML-based Web development software that allows current Web browsers to handle XML data easily and effectively, making online business transactions much easier. With Mozquito XForms, end-users don’t have to install plug-ins or download new versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. This technology has emerged alongside standards now being developed by the W3C. Mozquito Technologies is committed to ensuring that XForms will be developed in strict accordance with the standards set by the W3C. XForms will enable other applications to integrate with XML databases (such as Software AG’s Tamino database) instantly, allowing for fast access and efficient processing of any business-critical data that needs to be sent to or downloaded from a database.

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