Ektron, Inc. has released Version 2.0 of its eWebEditPro, a multi-language, browser-based WYSIWYG Web content authoring and editing tool. A “go-to” Web content editor for Web developers, VARs, ISVs, consultants and hosts, eWebEditPro delivers a familiar Word-like environment for business end-users, along with server-side controls for IT staff. Major updates to Version 2.0 include simplified installation/integration, enhanced IT-side controls, new features for customization, and new content formatting functionality. eWebEditPro works with all Web application servers and ships with sample code for Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Macromedia ColdFusion, JSP, PHP and Lasso. Sample code for Lotus Domino and Perl will be released soon. eWebEditPro replaces an HTML text area field in dynamic Web sites or browser-based applications – giving users a toolbar that lets them apply fonts and headings; copy and paste from most Windows applications without losing formatting; insert tables, images, and hyperlinks; and check spelling. Version 2.0 offers new buttons such as redo, horizontal rules, special characters, superscript/subscript, strikethrough and more. eWebEditPro 2.0 includes a fully customizable and extensible XML-based programmable toolbar as well as new JavaScript API for custom development and extended functionality. eWebEditPro 2.0 includes support for Netscape 4.7 and 6.0. Additional features in Version 2.0 include cascading style sheet support and style sheet override; document formatting enhancements to more closely match MS Word; and options for output as “clean HTML” (to protect against overlapping tags) or XHTML (useful for WAP, XSLT, etc.). eWebEditPro 2.0 can be used to edit the text only, HTML body only, or the entire document. www.ektron.com