DataPower Technology, Inc. announced the introduction of its XSL just-in-time compiler technology that reduces the latency associated with XML processing by an order-of-magnitude or more. By utilizing a radically different approach to XSLT execution, DataPower is able to provide the high-speed infrastructure needed for Internet applications, from real-time financial data distribution to business transaction handling. In order to exchange business documents expressed in different XML vocabularies (RosettaNet, BizTalk, etc.) or to make XML content viewable in web browsers and wireless devices, it is necessary to perform XSLT (eXtensible Stylesheet Language) transformations on XML data. XSLT is a resource intensive process that can introduce significant delays in web services and online transactions forcing customers to demand high-performance XML technology to avoid scalability woes. DataPower’s internal tests show the XSLJIT compiler achieves about 10 megabytes per second of sustained throughput using the XSLTMark benchmark. This is equivalent to Fast Ethernet speed and effectively wire-speed XML processing. With XML becoming part of the network infrastructure, wire-speed XML is essential.