Collego Corporation launched its catalog application, Atomic Catalog. Atomic Catalog is a web-based catalog management application designed especially for business managers, and is based on the company’s Adaptive Taxonomy Management System. With Atomic Catalog, business managers can leverage existing product information from multiple sources to create, manage, and share custom catalogs with customers and partners around the world quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Collego’s AToMS technology is implemented as a fast, highly flexible caching engine that leverages the scalability of traditional relational database management systems like Oracle and Microsoft SQL for its underlying persistent storage. With AToMS, corporations can manage and mass-customize large collections of highly granular, metadata rich information in a highly flexible environment without compromising information quality or scale. AToMS also delivers distributed computing and peer-to-peer capabilities that enable businesses to manage content in within their own organizations and achieve these efficiencies across entire supply and demand chains. Atomic Catalog is commercially available in several editions to meet the needs of different businesses. Atomic Catalog Enterprise Server is a multi-purpose, web-based catalog management application designed for enterprise customers. Atomic Catalog Partner Network Server delivers all the power of Atomic Catalog Enterprise Server plus the ability to provide suppliers, partners, and customers with secure, self-service access to an organization’s catalog information. Both the Enterprise Server and the Partner Network Sever are available as hosted services for companies who prefer to leverage the infrastructure of Collego or its partners.