SealedMedia and Arbortext announced they have entered into a partnership to provide publishers with a solution to protect and distribute digital content using XML technology. Through Arbortext’s software, enterprises are able to use a Single Source Publishing Architecture to capture content from a variety of sources, store and manage that content in an XML repository, and extract and assemble that content according to individual needs for publishing to multiple media types: Web, print, CD-ROM, e-Books and wireless devices. SealedMedia’s DRM technology allows content owners to seal content in a variety of formats (HTML, PDF, image and audio formats, etc.) and distribute it digitally to end users with flexible license configurations in the knowledge that it always remains protected. Arbortext, Inc. and empolis content management GmbH (formerly known as STEP GmbH), a subsidiary of Bertelsmann Mohn Media Group, also announced that sigmalink has been integrated with the Epic E-Content Engine (E3) to add multi- channel publishing to the sigmalink content management system.