NQL Inc. announced the release of its NQL ContentAnywhere Office Edition, designed to expand Microsoft Office. The new version of NQL’s content management system is priced at $15,000 and is scaled to bring content management to companies of all sizes seeking to increase productivity for up to 100 users per license. The NQL ContentAnywhere system is designed to offer an alternative to the cut-and-paste methods previously required to make content usable. NQL ContentAnywhere Office Edition enables access to content through the Microsoft Office suite by linking it to corporate networks and the Internet. Without leaving Microsoft Office, users can access information from databases, applications, legacy systems, file servers, messages, and web sites. The new version leverages the core content collection and delivery capabilities of the previously announced NQL ContentAnywhere Enterprise system. Additional modules to expand the capabilities of the NQL ContentAnywhere Office Edition will be available in the near future. www.nqli.com