Eprise Corporation announced Eprise Participant Server version 3.5, which includes a point-and-click interface for quickly building Web sites for content management applications. In addition, Eprise announced its new Intranet Advantage Services Package for helping customers quickly implement corporate intranet applications. New features include: Site Generator – a browser-based interface for quickly building a content-rich Web site. It includes best practices for site navigation and page design. It also includes pre-defined components, such as sample page styles, user roles, edit and approval authorization levels, and viewing permissions; Content Connector – enables external content from any ODBC compliant database to be included within pages controlled by Eprise Participant Server and managed by the same approval workflow processes as content in the Eprise Participant Server content repository; 3-Tier Redirector – enables the separation of the Web server software from the Eprise Participant Server software onto separate physical computers for greater flexibility in utilizing firewalls and 3-tier architectures for increased security; Integration with Microsoft Word; and, significant performance improvements in the communications between Eprise Participant Server and application servers, legacy applications, and databases. Eprise Participant Server, version 3.5, will be available this quarter on Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Sun Solaris 2.8. It is priced at $70,000 for the first server. Discounts for volume purchases and deployment licenses are available. Pricing for the Intranet Advantage Services Packages starts at $30,000. www.eprise.com