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Day: April 29, 2001

Oracle & Akamai Deliver Technology to Accelerate Content Delivery

Oracle Corp. and Akamai Technologies, Inc. announced development and delivery of Edge Side Includes (ESI), an open specification for assembling dynamic Web pages at the edge of the data center or the edge of the Internet. Vendors in the application server and content delivery industry are expected to jointly submit ESI to the appropriate standards bodies for approval as a standard later this spring. ESI is a simple markup language used to define Web page fragments for dynamic assembly at the edge of the data center or the edge of the Internet. Traditional caching techniques speed the delivery of static content to client browsers over the Internet and corporate intranets. Most Web pages today, however, are generated on demand for each individual user and many contain a mix of personalized and non-personalized content fragments, making them non-cacheable by traditional caching products and CDN services. ESI will enable dynamic assembly of these page fragments. Akamai will implement ESI as part of the Akamai EdgeSuite service offering starting in May of 2001. This will include the integration of ESI into Akamai’s metadata management system, as well as the support for ESI across Akamai’s global platform of close to 10,000 globally distributed content delivery servers. Oracle9i Application Server with support for ESI is scheduled to be available next month. Oracle9i Application Server costs $5 per Universal Power Unit for the Standard Edition, $30 per Universal Power Unit for the Enterprise Edition and $150 per Universal Power Unit for the Wireless Edition. Oracle JDeveloper, part of Oracle Internet Developer Suite, will enable the development of ESI-compliant Java applications. Both products will be available for purchase through the Oracle Store.,

Serena Delivers Integrated Code & Content Management

Serena Software, Inc. announced the general availability of Serena ChangeMan WCM, a Web code and content management solution that provides enterprise customers the software infrastructure needed to manage the entire lifecycle of creating and deploying Web Content. Designed for both technical and non-technical users, Serena ChangeMan WCM allows the diverse range of content contributors to effectively collaborate and coordinate their efforts across multiple locations and multiple platforms, from the mainframe to the Web. Serena ChangeMan WCM is a Web code and content management solution built from the ground up, that also includes tight integration with existing code management tools through a single meta repository. The product automates content focused processes such as task assignment, resource scheduling, content routing, previewing and editing, online notification and approvals, while providing eBusiness organizations with flexibility to allow multiple contributors to produce Web content. The product is tightly integrated with Serena ChangeMan DS, Software Change Manager for Distributed Systems, and Serena ChangeMan ALM, it’s Application Lifecycle Manager.

Authentica Delivers NetRecall

Authentica, Inc. introduced NetRecall, a solution that lets enterprises share valuable Web content with business partners and colleagues while actively controlling what recipients can do with it. NetRecall extends the protection of traditional Web security solutions, such as Web access control and SSL encryption, by allowing Web content to be controlled after it has been accessed or downloaded. Using the NetRecall Content Manager, Web authors create policies that indicate how recipients may access or use content, and then encrypt it. The Content Manager also allows authors to track activity on protected information. Protection policies are stored on a central Recall Policy Server and can be changed at any time. NetRecall encrypts each individual page and registers the keys for decrypting the pages, along with the associated policy, on the Recall Policy Server. When a user attempts to access a Web page, he or she downloads the NetRecall Secure Viewer plug-in and, if authorized, views the protected information. Web content is always protected even if it is saved to the local machine. In a centrally managed environment, the NetRecall administrator can configure the NetRecall Dynamic Protection Module to protect content that is dynamically generated from a Web server or application, without involving the Web author. In this scenario, NetRecall encrypts content as it is served from the Web server and is independent from the Web application and Web content management solutions. NetRecall is available immediately. Pricing is based on concurrent users and server configuration and starts at $17,000 (USD) for a 100-user installation.

IONA Partners With Netegrity

IONA announced a partnership with Netegrity, Inc. to deliver advanced e-business security services with the IONA Suite. The IONA Suite is an e-business platform for the integration of applications and business systems inside the enterprise with applications and business processes outside the enterprise. Netegrity’s SiteMinder platform provides centralized policy management for managing users and their access to e-business applications and resources. SiteMinder protects e-business content, provides user entitlement management, authentication management and single sign-on for IONA’s e-business platform. By providing these services at the platform level, end-user applications can abstract the SiteMinder functionality consistently across a variety of technologies.

Ascential & SAP Portals Sign Agreement

Ascential Software and SAP AG announced they have signed a worldwide reseller agreement through which SAP and the newly-announced subsidiary, SAP Portals will resell Ascential DataStage as a data integration platform for mySAP Business Intelligence customers. DataStage will become part of the mySAP Business Intelligence framework, enabling companies to build enterprise data warehouse solutions that include data from virtually any source including enterprise applications, web and e-mail logs, XML or e-business data, legacy systems, open warehouse data stores, flat files and mainframes. Under terms of the agreement, SAP will resell DataStage on Windows NT/Unix, a series of packaged application connectors, and the DataStage Load Pack for SAP BW.,

Microsoft to Acquire NCompass Labs

Microsoft Corp. announced that it has reached an agreement to acquire NCompass Labs Inc. Released in March 2001, NCompass Resolution 4.0 is a Web content management system that enables businesses to quickly and cost-effectively deploy highly dynamic and personalized e-business Web sites. Microsoft is acquiring NCompass Labs in response to customer demand for Web content management solutions and because it recognizes the essential nature of this technology in any end-to-end e-business solution. As Web sites continue to evolve into strategic business communication tools, there is an increasing need to manage the content that drives that communication. Web content management systems ensure that organizations derive the maximum value possible from their investments in Internet, intranet and extranet Web sites. NCompass Resolution offers a scalable, dynamic architecture, and is specifically designed to ensure rapid time to market. NCompass Resolution was built for the Microsoft platform and integrates with Commerce Server 2000 for online business creation; it also builds on SQL Server 2000 for content storage and search capabilities. NCompass Resolution also complements the rest of the Microsoft .NET Enterprise Server family for creating end-to-end e-business solutions such as Microsoft BizTalk Server 2000 for XML-based, business- to-business integration and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2001 for employee document management and collaboration. NCompass Resolution 4.0 is available today. A re-branded offering, Microsoft Content Management Server 2001, is scheduled to be available in fall 2001. Customers who acquire NCompass Resolution 4.0 in the interim will have continued product support and product updates from Microsoft.,

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