Open Market, Inc. announced a new product family, Content Server Enterprise Edition (CSEE), adding new e-marketing and business-to-business integration (B2Bi) capabilities to its content management and delivery system. CSEE is designed, developed, and deployed as Java components built on Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) application servers now including the IBM WebSphere Application Server, as well as BEA WebLogic Server and the iPlanet Application Server. CSEE is based on two approaches. The first, called the PowerAssets information architecture, maximizes the value of an enterprise’s content by extending its use and re-use for a broad range of e-business initiatives, including catalogs, personalization, self-service applications, and e-marketplaces. The PowerAssets information architecture treats enterprise content, such as images, articles, product information, and audio files, as dynamic independent content objects that can be extended for multiple applications by non- technical users. PowerAssets enable enterprise content to be kept in a “presentation neutral” format so it can be easily reused across multiple Web sites and delivery devices as well as facilitating efficient XML document exchange to trading partners. Open Market’s second approach is based on J2EE application servers, Java components, Java Server Pages (JSP) templates, and XML-based services. Because CSEE solutions are built directly on leading J2EE application servers, customers benefit from fast development of content-driven Internet applications using mainstream Java technical tools, simple integration with legacy systems, and technologies. Open Market’s Content Server Enterprise Edition is available now. Each product is priced individually on a per CPU basis. Pricing begins at $29,000.00 per CPU. Customers add modules based on business needs and purchase additional CPUs based on scalability requirements.