Rational Software announced the general availability of Rational Suite ContentStudio, the new-est member of the Rational Suite product family. Rational Suite ContentStudio combines Ra-tional’s Rational ClearCase solution with technology from Vignette Corporation to address the needs of companies challenged with managing content and code in complex e- business appli-cations. Rational Suite ContentStudio helps e-business development teams effectively manage both code and content in a common repository. Rational’s ClearCase technology manages all of the artifacts within an e-development project. These artifacts include code such as Java and XML and content such as Microsoft Word documents, HTML and Adobe Acrobat files. Rational Suite ContentStudio incorporates the Vignette Content Management Server. In addition to Ra-tional ClearCase LT and Vignette’s Content Management Server, Rational Suite ContentStudio includes the Rational Team Unifying Platform (Rational RequisitePro, Rational ClearQuest, the Rational Unified Process, Rational TestManager, and Rational SoDA) and Rational SiteLoad, a web-based one-hour load-testing tool. Rational Suite ContentStudio also fully integrates with Rational’s additional product offerings including the market-leading visual modeling tool, Ra-tional Rose. Rational Suite ContentStudio provides browser-based templating integrated with Rational ClearCase to integrate code and content development and management. Rational Suite ContentStudio also unites workflows for code and content development and approval by integrating Rational ClearQuest change management workflows for code development with Vi-gnette’s Content Management Server workflows for content development and approval. This technology allows Web teams to manage site design, while content managers edit and main-tain site content, increasing productivity and eliminating unnecessary work for e- business teams. Rational Suite ContentStudio’s support of third-party authoring tools such as Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia DreamWeaver and Allaire HomeSite, gives Web teams the ability to use their desktop tools of choice. Similarly, content providers can continue to use Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or browser-based fill-in templates. Software developers can also use their famil-iar Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as Microsoft Visual Studio, IBM Visual Age for Java and Borland JBuilder. Rational Suite ContentStudio will be generally available on February 28, 2001 for $4,795 per node-locked license and $8,395 per floating license, with an introductory price of $14,995 for 5 node-locked licenses. www.rational.com/products/cstudio/index.jsp