Bowne Global Solutions announced an advanced tool for the creation and management of terminology assets. TermGLOBAL facilitates the creation of a linguistic repository capable of storing an entire organization’s linguistic resources in a single location, accessible through a web browser. The TermGLOBAL linguistic repository is a multi-tier system which uses Unicode throughout the application. Based on XML, it is a B2B application that serves multiple clients, both web and non-web. TermGLOBAL is accessible by Bowne linguists and clients, who have access to general as well as proprietary terminology, through a secure Internet gateway. The advantages of the new product include opportunities for increasing leverage besides those currently gained through Translation Memories, as well as the establishment of Pattern translation, or the ability to use patterns with variables in order to translate identical linguistic structures. Planned enhancements include a dictionary resource for linguistic tools, in which several Bowne localization tools will use the linguistic- and meta-data in the repository to assess the level of difficulty and other project parameters. The database may also be used as a corpus for R&D objectives, enabling the identification of linguistic behaviors, structures, and other features in order to create tools that can be used for multiple purposes and ultimately to create the base for a Natural Language Processing environment.