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Day: January 24, 2001

iLanguage & Uniscape Partner to Power Global Web Sites

iLanguage, Inc. and Uniscape announced a partnership to jointly market their products and services. Uniscape will become iLanguage’s preferred technology vendor for providing translation and globalization services. iLanguage will also become a Uniscape Preferred Vendor of localization and translation services for customers of the Uniscape Globalization Infrastructure. The partnership is designed to offer a comprehensive globalization solution to Global 1000 companies looking to globalize their Web sites. Uniscape provides a comprehensive globalization solution that tackles the challenges required to manage a global, multilingual Web presence. The Uniscape Globalization Infrastructure is a scalable, automated and highly reliable globalization platform that speeds the delivery of marketing and product content across more than 40 languages. iLanguage provides the translation and localization services in conjunction with the Uniscape technology platform to Global 1000 customers. iLanguage has developed a new business model for translation services by creating strategically located translation centers, similar to call centers, in areas such as the Caribbean, Costa Rica and other offshore locations.,

Documentum Announces Portal Strategy & 7 Partners

Documentum announced a partnering strategy designed to facilitate global implementations of its Portal Content Management Edition as a content management foundation for enterprise portal initiatives. As part of the strategy, Documentum is working with portal vendors to deliver out-of-the-box integration with their existing portal products. Documentum’s Portal Content Management Edition also delivers training and support services required to facilitate quick and easy deployment of these integrated solutions. Joint marketing and sales initiatives are underway with portal partners. Representative technology partners include: Verity, Plumtree, Epicentric, TopTier, Corechange, Semio, and Autonomy.

Ariba & Vignette Form Alliance

Vignette Corp and Ariba, Inc announced a strategic alliance to deliver solutions that enable buyers, suppliers and marketplaces to deepen relationships with their trading partners. Under the agreement, Vignette and Ariba will offer a B2B platform for enabling marketplaces. The Ariba B2B Commerce Platform facilitates market makers with a multi-buyer, multi-supplier solution consisting of administration, transactional capability and scalable infrastructure. The Vignette customer driven Internet applications provide marketplace community framework, content management, personalization and integration. The Ariba-Vignette joint solution will benefit all participants in a given marketplace. Suppliers will be able to differentiate their offerings by providing rich content and product data and by promoting their products with advanced product substitution and product bundling capabilities. Buyers will be able to increase efficiencies in a number of commerce scenarios by providing highly personalized interaction with product catalogs. Market makers will be able to improve their ability to attract and retain buyers and suppliers by providing an improved market environment and the ability to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.,

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