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Day: January 22, 2001

FileNet Announces New Eprocess-Based Applications

FileNET announced Project Acenza, a new line of customer-driven eBusiness applications. Acenza applications will extend business processes and associated content across the Web in a variety of industries to provide increased operational efficiency. Based on FileNET’s Panagon technology, eBusiness applications delivered through the Project Acenza streamline the business processes associated with acquiring and servicing customers and business partners across the Web. The first eBusiness application, announced and available, is Acenza Claims. This application supports the rapid deployment of Web-enabled claims operations, linking customers, agents/brokers and employees in shared processes and content. All Acenza applications will automate core front-office and back-office business processes and systems, externalize these business processes to the Web, and create and manage associated electronic content utilizing the latest Panagon eProcess and eContent Management technology. The Acenza Claims application is easily configurable to accommodate specific business requirements and highly scalable to meet business growth. Designed for businesses that require a comprehensive claims processing platform, such as the property and casualty insurance and product warranty markets, Acenza Claims facilitates rapid access to all claims in progress, status and associated information. The application provides auditing, logging, distribution and reporting templates that can be easily configured and updated to specific eBusiness requirements. Acenza Claims is currently available directly from both the FileNET sales force, as well as select ValueNET partners, and will be delivered through FileNET Professional Services.

Atomz Unveils Hosted Content Management

Atomz unveiled Atomz Publish, a new content management system for medium to large Web sites. Atomz Publish allows Web site managers and Web developers to add content management capabilities to any Web site quickly and enables multiple people to update a Web site, keeping Web site content fresh and effective. Business users, who are used to having to wait to get content pushed to the Web site, can now be given control over tasks like publishing a news release, updating a job listing, or changing content on any page of the site without needing to know HTML. Atomz Publish is a hosted application that is delivered completely through the Internet, using a Web browser. There is no software to install or additional hardware needed, and it eliminates the typical IT efforts associated with installing and maintaining a complex, server-based content management system. There is no special programming language to learn and there is no need to install a database or hire a database administrator. The result is that Atomz Publish is quick to deploy and significantly less expensive than existing content management applications. It also includes advanced features such as versioning and roll-back of published files, plus seamless integration with Atomz Search, the leading hosted site search engine. The team managing the Web site retains complete control with Atomz Publish. The key to the Atomz Publish solution is its template system that allows Web designers to clearly separate Web content from site design by using basic HTML tags to create an XML database of content – transparently creating the database schema as part of the process. The Web designer then provides access to non-technical users of the Web site so that they can edit the content themselves. Webmasters can use Atomz Publish across their entire site or in the sections of their site with the most rapidly changing content – places where they want to provide content editors the ability to add, modify, update and delete their own content. A simple HTML editor inside Atomz Publish creates the templates, or if users prefer, they can use popular Web authoring tools, such as Macromedia Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive.

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