Kinecta Corporation announced plans to deliver a free content distribution tool, Kinecta Syndicator Lite. Kinecta Syndicator Lite enables organizations to set up open, dedicated channels for automating ongoing business-to-business content delivery instead of relying on manually intensive and error prone methods such as e-mail or FTP (file transfer protocol). It also avoids unscalable and inflexible click-back methods such as linking and framing. Kinecta Syndicator Lite also manages delivery of multiple content types, formats, content sources and delivery frequencies. Like Kinecta Interact, Syndicator Lite automates the distribution of any type of digital asset in a wide range of file formats, including XML, HTML, text, PDF, graphics, audio, video and streaming media. Users can download the Kinecta Syndicator Lite Java-based server application, and then authorize a limited number of partners to distribute content to. Businesses that need access to more advanced functionality and support for larger distribution networks can easily upgrade to the enterprise-class Kinecta Interact syndication platform. Kinecta Syndicator Lite is expected to be generally available on February 1, 2001 as a free download. Interested users can begin registering online today. Basic support will be provided for free along with an online community of users of ICE technology and Kinecta ICE-based products. Kinecta Syndicator Lite will also come with a “Getting Started” guide which will provide a step-by-step process to enable users to quickly get their syndication networks up and running. For easy set up, Kinecta recommends running Syndicator Lite with Windows NT and the Microsoft Access database. For experienced information professionals, Syndicator Lite can be run with Sun Solaris or Linux and a relational database, and it can be customized and extended using a free Software Development Kit. Additional services and support can be purchased online. For more information on ICE, visit,