DataChannel Inc. and Talk2 Technology, Inc. announced a strategic alliance today that will allow users to access and voice-navigate through the DataChannel EIP. The companies have entered into a joint development and marketing agreement integrating DataChannel’s DataChannel Server (DCS) 4.1 and Talk2’s ViPrNET (pronounced “Vipernet”) voice infrastructure. Using a telephone, enterprise customers may now access and interact with their enterprise information anywhere, anytime. Talk2’s proprietary ViPrNET architecture is a carrier-class technology, capable of supporting tens-of-millions of users. ViPrNET runs on high performance, Unix-based computing platforms and is technology and platform agnostic. The integration of the two products is founded on DataChannel’s XML development and the two companies’ commitment to an XML-based architecture. These complimentary technologies ensure that voice access to critical information can scale with the growth of the EIP to potentially millions of users. Since EIP users access mission-critical information, security of the corporate firewall is extended by ViPrNET’s Spontaneous Virtual Private Networking technology (sVPN). Each time a user dials into the portal to access information–on any device–the sVPN creates a secure session without having to modify the existing firewall, giving users seamless, high-security access to their information.,