Content Bridge announced the addition of new Technical Advisory Members that will participate in proposing standards to address Internet interoperability issues related to the distribution, delivery and management of content. They include Apogee Networks, Compaq Computer Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, Portal Software, Inc., StorageNetworks, Inc., and Vignette Corp. Technical Advisory Members of the Content Bridge alliance are working together to identify and propose technology standards to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) or other standards-setting bodies, enabling member networks that use different technologies to participate in the Content Bridge content peering model. Initial areas of focus for standards development include cross-network implementation of: Injection — Establishes common methods for content providers to communicate content updates to member networks; Distribution — Defines methods to pass content updates between peer networks; and Accounting — Provides a common mechanism for collecting usage data and allocating revenue to member networks. On November 16, 2000, the Content Bridge alliance submitted an Internet Draft to the IETF. Titled “Implementation of Origin/Access Content Peering for HTTP,” the draft describes the implementation of content peering currently enabled by Content Bridge, including injection, distribution, and accounting. The draft is expected to be a topic of discussion at the next meeting of the IETF, which will be in mid-December in San Diego. Formed in August 2000, Content Bridge is an alliance that includes technology and network service providers. Content Bridge alliance provides a platform for cross-network content distribution, streamlining the link between content providers and consumers. Current members include: Adero, Inc., Alteon WebSystems, Apogee Networks, Compaq Computer Corporation, Digital Island, Inc., Exodus Communications Inc., Genuity Inc., Hewlett-Packard Company, Inktomi Corp., Intel Corporation, Madge.web N.V., NetRail, Inc., Portal Software, Inc., StorageNetworks, Inc., Sun Microsystems and Vignette Corp.