Citrix Systems, Inc. and Sequoia Software, Inc. announced a software licensing agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Sequoia can market and demonstrate Citrix NFuse application portal software with its XML Portal Server, XPS, for customers that are already running applications on the Citrix MetaFrame server. As part of the deal, Sequoia also has joined the Citrix Business Alliance at the Premier level. Sequoia will use NFuse to create XPS Content Delivery Agents (CDAs), which are individual, easy to use Web-based applications that snap directly into a portal users’ homepage. The NFuse-based CDAs will appear alongside other work-related information and applications, allowing users to easily retrieve and assimilate information from MetaFrame-based applications directly from through XPS. In addition to establishing joint enterprise marketing and sales opportunities, the Citrix/Sequoia agreement sets the stage for channel development and joint sales force education.,