Netscape Communications announced the availability of Netscape 6 Preview Release 2 via free download from Preview Release 2 includes: “Themes” allow users to change the look of the browser by applying different combinations of design elements or “skins;” Netscape WebMail access directly from Netscape 6 Mail combines the Netscape Mail application with the flexibility and connectivity of WebMail; A new strong-crypto protected Password Manager builds on the privacy and security offerings of Cookie Manager and offers users the convenience of streamlining and protected Password use across the Internet; and New My Sidebar features, including My Sidebar Central and My Sidebar Directory, as well as additional partnerships. Netscape 6 also features additional support for International users. Netscape Preview Release 2 is also available today in Japanese. German and French language versions will become available within 30 days. All releases allow users to easily switch language user interfaces, buttons and menus, and regional settings through a Language/Region Selector. Netscape 6 will also automatically detect character sets so users will automatically be able to view foreign language sites without being prompted to choose the appropriate character. In addition, international users can now access their existing US-based WebMail accounts through their localized browser.