EXTOL, Inc., announced the availability of the EXTOL Integrator Release 5.0 for AS/400 and Windows NT. The highlights of Release 5.0 are XML transformation, a new Web browser-based user interface developed in Java, Enhanced Formula Processing, and Internet Commerce security. The flagship feature of Release 5.0 is XML transformation, which takes standard EDI element IDs and converts them to XML tags. EXTOL creates and uses the XML style sheets that accompany the incoming documents, allowing any user to look at the data in a very readable format. An XML document can be processed as data, attached to e-mail, or sent as a fax. Release 5.0 introduces a new user interface for EXTOL Integrator 400 and EXTOL Integrator NT, reflecting the general industry trend towards Web browser-based user interfaces. Another key feature of Release 5.0 is Enhanced Formula Processing, which allows a user-defined formula (arithmetic or logical) to be applied to both inbound and outbound operations, reducing the need for external programming to process transactions. The EXTOL Integrator now ships with pre-written samples and many options for creating additional routines. Release 5.0 of the EXTOL Integrator includes support for EXTOL’s Internet Commerce, a separately licensed product. This upgrade is a simple and automatic process. All existing trading partner definitions, transaction maps, and application file sets remain intact, without change. Any version of the EXTOL Integrator from Release 3.3 and higher may be upgraded to Release 5.0 in a single step. www.extol.com