Extensibility, Inc. announced the release of XML Instance 1.1. A schema-driven data editor, XML Instance can create, edit, and manage data-oriented XML business documents (i.e. instance documents), messages, and configuration files. It is a key component of the recently launched Turbo XML – the packaged suite of XML Instance, XML Authority and XML Console. This new release enables data from an ODBC data source to be imported and deployed throughout the organization as XML data – offering a means to integrate and reuse legacy information. In addition, XML Instance now features XSLT stylesheet transformation facilities, which provide full data management through the support of XSLT editing and processing. Through an XSLT stylesheet, an XML business document can be transformed into another XML business document or viewed in a HTML format on a web browser. This facility allows an organization to take data and present or use the information based on the specific needs of the business. New features include: XSLT stylesheet transformation facilities, data importing from an ODBC data source, support for all encoding types supported by Java, improved namespace support, and new options for customizing document display. XML Instance 1.1 is available for free to existing users. XML Instance runs on Windows (95/98/2000/NT), UNIX, and Mac and is available for immediate download at www.extensibility.com/products/download.htm. Licensing is available for single users ($99.95) and in multi-user x-packs (5-user $449.95; 10-user $849.95; 50-user $3995.00). www.extensibility.com