TRADOS Incorporated announced a service release for Translation Solution Edition 3. The TRADOS product suite now offers a variety of new, mainly Web-driven, features. Translator’s Workbench, TagEditor and WinAlign now support Active Server Pages as well as Java Server Pages. XSL stylesheets are used to transform XML information into various layouts and are a necessary prerequisite for developing Web-driven electronic documentation. The Translation Solution now provides support for Adobe FrameMaker 6.0 and Adobe FrameMaker+ SGML 6.0 documents through the S-Tagger component. Other features include support for QuarkXPress 4.1 in Filter Pack. To provide further enhanced support for Asian languages, IME level 3 has been implemented in TagEditor. This means that users can type Asian characters and words with the same ease of use as in, say, Microsoft Word. New API functions and further enhanced support for Word 2000 offer more seamless integration and flexibility than before.