POET Software announced the release of the POET eCatalog Suite-Service Provider Edition (eCS-SP). The new application, which began shipping at the end of June, is a multi-supplier solution designed specifically for ASPs and eMarketmakers. POET eCS-SP enables eMarketmakers and ASPs to provide suppliers with a user-friendly application for aggregating, cleansing and customizing their eCatalog content, using no more than a browser. The resulting eCatalogs, which are customized for each buyer or eMarketplace, are then distributed in any format, XML or legacy. This enables eMarketmakers to immediately connect thousands of suppliers and build instant liquidity for their eMarketplace. Until now, supplier access to eMarketplaces has required a significant investment creating a barrier to adoption for small- and medium-sized suppliers. POET eCS Service-Provider Edition lowers these barriers to entry, enabling small suppliers to compete fairly with the very largest suppliers. POET eCS-SP is an application that suppliers utilize through a Web browser. Each supplier logs into the system and is presented with a secure work environment where they manage their catalog data, pricing and buyer information. This information is then combined to create custom catalogs that are tailored to the needs of each buyer or eMarketplace. This supplier self-service model is analogous to the ATMs employed by banks. The consensus among industry analysts is that the growth and ROI projected for eProcurement solutions and eMarketplaces is being constrained by a dearth of eCatalog content. POET eCS-SP solves this problem by providing “instant enablement” by any supplier with a Web browser. POET eCS-SP enables the supplier and eMarketplace to share responsibilities based on their needs and their level of sophistication. For example, some suppliers may simply upload a catalog. While others may choose to create cleansing rules, map to various commodity codes, build sophisticated pricing schemes and more. Similarly, eMarketplaces can use POET eCS-SP to create and schedule cleansing rules across their suppliers to normalize data, cleanse individual supplier eCatalogs and more. POET eCS-SP provides the power, flexibility and ease-of-use necessary to support this sharing of responsibilities between eMarketplaces and suppliers. For ASPs, POET eCS-SP provides an attractive lure for new customers, and a supplemental revenue stream from existing clients. With the Fortune 1000 eProcurement implementations taking root, and B2B eMarketplaces gaining acceptance, the pressure on lower and middle tier suppliers to become eCatalog-enabled will continue to rise.