Ingeniux Corporation announced the beta release of XPower Integrator, an XML application for publishing legacy data to the wireless web. The XPower Integrator pulls information from existing content management systems or databases and delivers it to wireless devices using Ingeniux’s XPower Server. The XPower Integrator provides a set of tools for querying and aggregating data sources, converting the data to XML format and delivering it to wireless devices. Companies can use the XPower Integrator to pull information from existing content management systems and make immediate use of it, without going through a painful conversion process or throwing away investment in previous technology. The Integrator supports familiar XPower features like Dynamic Device and Dynamic Branding, putting existing content on new devices and sharing it with other brands. XPower is currently available for Microsoft Windows, and will soon be available with support for Java and Unix. The XPower Application Suite is available now from Ingeniux and XPower Partners.