Factiva, a Dow Jones & Reuters company unveiled Factiva Publisher. Part of a suite of content integration tools, Factiva Publisher integrates Factiva’s global content into an organization’s intranet. Factiva Publisher offers nearly 5,000 external information sources including The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones and Reuters newswires as well as other content published in 12 different languages and stock quotes from 10 exchanges around the world. Factiva Publisher uses more than 1,300 XML-based Factiva Intelligent Indexing codes to tailor information from hundreds of sources across the globe. With the Editorial Interface, an organization has complete control of what is being posted to the corporate intranet. Articles can be tagged as “hot” and annotated with relevant commentary. The Administration Interface quickly and easily allows a content manager to monitor and measure usage. Factiva Publisher will be rolled out globally this month. Corporate Communication Managers, Information Professionals and CIOs — those responsible for managing and disseminating corporate intelligence throughout an organization — are the primary targets for this service. www.factiva.com