Eprise Corporation announced that Eprise Participant Server fully supports wireless devices including those using Windows CE, Palm devices, and WAP phones. Eprise’s adaptive user interface architecture allows many of these devices to not only receive content, but also participate in key content management processes, such as content contribution and user management. Eprise customers and partners alike will reap the benefits of Participant Server’s ability to deliver and manage content for wireless devices the same way they may already be applying Participant Server to their current intranets and extranets. Participant Server operates as a Web server plug-in providing event-driven services for controlling content contribution, management, and distribution. No specialized server scripting language is required as all functions are accessible via easy-to-use Web browser forms. Integration agents for Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Allaire ColdFusion, and Java technologies are standard. Enhanced LDAP support is included as are advanced features such as QuickForms content and style sheet management, and Workflow, which manage content update and approval status. www.eprise.com