Bluestone Software, Inc. announced that it has acquired Arjuna Solutions Limited of Newcastle, England for $13.23 million. The acquisition of Arjuna adds to Bluestone’s Internet Operating Environment an embedded, high-performance, pure Java Transaction Service. Transactioning technology is essential to ensuring the absolute completion and accuracy of business processes when a transaction is performed. Most traditionally associated with financial and telecommunications applications, a transaction engine is now increasingly required for virtually all e-business services to ensure that a company’s multiple systems, from order management to shipping to billing, are accurately updated as a single complete transaction, and that the customer is readily informed of the transaction status. Bluestone plans to embed JTSArjuna into its Total-e-Business platform, as well as offer it as a standalone product, in the fall of this year. Initially launched as a think tank at the University of Newcastle, and later funded by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Marconi, and Nortel, Arjuna researched and developed distributed object systems for transactioning and workflow in 1989. Arjuna became an independent software company in 1998, operating out of Newcastle and London.