Aris Software Inc. announced Noetix Mobile Query, a mobile telephone extension to its XML reporting product, Noetix Web Query. Noetix Web Query users can now run and build ad hoc queries from an Internet computer or mobile telephone with a mini-browser. Both Noetix Web Query and Noetix Mobile Query are available today. Noetix Web Query is a solution that enables people to run and view live reports over the Internet, with no client requirements except a browser or mobile phone. At the heart of Noetix Web Query is the ability to retrieve and manage data from multiple, disparate databases, allowing for enterprise-wide data access. Noetix Web Query uses XML-powered ad hoc database queries to deliver real-time data access. Noetix Web Query has been shipping since January. Noetix Mobile Query uses mini-browser technology and services from Visit and follow the links for complete instructions on how to build and run a query from your phone.