Informix Corporation announced major enhancements to its Java and XML development tools strategy, which make it much easier for developers to build and deploy multi-tier, standards based, enterprise applications with Informix databases. The company introduced the Informix Object Translator, a data integration tool for transparently mapping objects from Java and Visual Basic programs to Informix Foundation.2000 database server, as well as a partnership with Sun on the Forte for Java Community Edition IDE. Informix will add value on top of this IDE for Java developers building applications for Foundation.2000 and Cloudscape database servers, as part of an overall focus on enabling fast and easy Java development. Informix Object Translator is a development and runtime tool for multi-tier Web applications serving dynamic content. The front end GUI enables users to visually map Java objects to relational tables without writing code. The runtime component, written entirely in Java, enables these objects to run in a middle tier application server. Informix Object Translator enables developers to build high performance, data-driven Java and Visual Basic applications very quickly. Version 1.0 is being released with Foundation.2000 (v. 9.21), the company’s high performance, fully extensible data and content management platform for the Internet. Informix Object Translator version 1.1, due to ship this month, adds support for the saving of XML objects from a Java application to relational tables, as well as the creation of XML objects from existing relational tables. This bi-directional mapping capability makes it easy to represent relational tables as XML objects in data exchange applications, and to store XML objects in the database in content management solutions. These XML capabilities, complemented by Ardent DataStage XML Pack, deliver the core technology and support for building high-end XML data solutions.