Information Architects announced the availability of SmartCode, the next generation of iA’s core product offerings that supersedes their introductory framework, Metaphoria. SmartCode will be available as a suite of the following four unique products: 1. Aggregation Framework: applies the power of metadata to dynamically aggregate user-critical content and functionality from a wide range of sources without replicating the original source to a content repository. Using a mapping process, it combines user-defined templates, business objects, and information into a wide range of presentations, including browser applications, XML documents and wireless interfaces. 2. Dynamic Syndication Server: provides a simple interface for subscriber partners to define both the look of their Web sites as well as which SmartCode Framework data or functionality will be presented to the end user. Business users can define their own information views by simply using the appropriate subscription template and selecting the information that most pertains to their needs. 3. Converters: used as part of a complete solution or individually, PDF and Word documents are converted into XHTML that is ready to be displayed directly on the Web or parsed as part of an overall Web presentation. And, 4. Watcher: identifies changes to targeted source data, thereby allowing only the most current and accurate information to be available to the system. Also can be used to notify users of changes or to trigger the SmartCode Framework to apply specific business rules based on the change.