Extensibility, Inc. announced the commercial release XML Instance, a schema-driven data editor for XML-based application business documents. XML Instance is the first in a series of products that will focus on the design, processing, and management of XML infrastructure assets within an enterprise. Organizations can embed their XML-based business rules in an XML Instance document so that internal, trading partner, and industry standards are achieved. XML Instance supports the major XML schema dialects, creating a bridge for the widespread adoption of XML within an enterprise and its partners. XML Instance features include: User configurable architecture for fully customizable views; Schema-aware XML business documents; Support for major and emerging schema dialects including DTD, XDR, BizTalk, SOX v2.0, and a sub-set of XML Schema; Real-time validation and editing facilities against an XML schema or DTD; Drag-and-drop editing within the user interface; And an intuitive graphical interface for the design and navigation of long or complex XML business documents. XML Instance is available for immediate download from www.extensibility.com/products/. Licensing is available for single users ($99.95) and in multi-user x-packs (5-user $449.95; 10-user $849.95; 50-user $3995.00). www.xmlschema.com/.