Quark Inc. announced the release of avenue.quark, which will allow millions of QuarkXPress users to free their content for re-use. Avenue.quark is Xtensions software that allows users to richly describe and export their content in XML format, thereby maximizing the value of their editorial assets and facilitating re-use in multiple media. Avenue.quark also introduces the idea of content re-use to QuarkXPress by allowing users to create templates with formatted placeholders for XML content. Publishers can create a one-time deployment of the content or retain a dynamic link between the QuarkXPress template and the XML content. Avenue.quark integrates with the growing suite of Quark products and other publishing systems via XTensions technology. Avenue.quark ships with the StreetPost QuarkXTensions module, which allows users to post XML documents directly to Vignette StoryServer 4 and other Web application servers. Quark is also developing XTensions software for avenue.quark to check in content directly to Quark Digital Media System (QuarkDMS), and to troubleshoot document formatting and tagging rules. Quark plans to make these XTensions freely available to all avenue.quark customers as they are released. Avenue.quark for Mac OS is available in the U.S. via electronic software distribution (ESD) for $199.00 from eMacsoftware.com (www.emacsoftware.com). Both Windows and Mac OS versions will be available directly from Quark and distributors within the next thirty days. Avenue.quark will be available worldwide later this summer. Quark also announced a software bundling agreement with Extensibility Inc. With the purchase of avenue.quark customers will receive a trial version of XML Authority, an XML schema creation, conversion, and management solution. www.quark.com