Google Inc. announced the beta availability of a new version of its search engine optimized for wireless phone and handheld computer users. Available now, users of WAP mobile telephones and Palm handhelds connected to a wireless modem can now search the web using Google while on the go. This wireless technology marks the availability of a search engine that brings the entire World Wide Web to mobile devices. With less than 1 percent of websites available in Wireless Markup Language (WML), Google offers mobile users the ability to view and browse traditional HTML websites. Unlike other search engines that index only web pages that are available in WML, Google brings more than 500 million web pages to the palm of a user’s hand. When a wireless user requests a traditional HTML page, Google’s innovative technology translates the requested HTML document on the fly into WML. Interested users can type “Google” into their WAP microbrowser, or can enter Palm users can visit to access this special wireless version of Google. Although still in beta, mobile web surfers will have complete access to the Google search engine, including an easy-to-use interface, quick loading pages, and highly relevant search results. Google supports access by any common Internet-ready mobile device and microbrowser.