Companion B.V. released an update of their main product Companion 2.0. The main new feature in this update is the add-on Companion Publisher which can be installed separately on the machines of content contributors. Companion 2.0 and Companion Publisher provide a comprehensive environment for database publications without the need for a specific and expensive application server. Companion makes it possible to create pre-generated database-driven web sites. Companion provides three Database Query Wizards and several specialized Companion tags to include database content in static pages, e.g. one specific field, a list of fields, all records, or a selection based on an SQL query. Companion facilitates content publication from ODBC and Access databases. For publication Companion retrieves the specified content from the database(s) and inserts it into the files that are uploaded to the web server. Companion Publisher enables content contributors to publish new database content, for instance new press releases or new product information, without the help of the web developer. Web developers control which templates are shown in Companion Publisher. A simple user interface allows the content contributor to start and stop the publication of templates. By choosing a Project Profile the author can choose to publish to a test location before the final release. Companion 2.0 is geared at professional, technically skilled users and early adopters. Companion 2.0 departs from the current paradigm in web development of editing source files directly — Companion introduces a separate layer, enabling a component-based approach of script management. The following prices are applicable: Single user license: $199 (introductory price, normal price $349); Five user license: $945 (normal price $1675); Ten user license: $1875 (normal price $2975).