SoftWired’s iBus messaging technology will power Xerox Corporation’s wireless-based product, MobileDoc. Xerox’s software application was designed specifically to allow people to fax and e-mail documents of various size, remotely, from any mobile device including cell-phones, personal digital assistants, and pagers. MobileDoc will initially support Motorola’s PageWriter 2000X and TimePort P930 interactive devices, and the Nokia 9110 Communicator. By integrating iBus/MessageBus with technology developed at the Xerox Research Centre in Cambridge, U.K., MobileDoc allows people to browse through large document libraries via wireless devices. Documents can be sent to any fax or e-mail in the world. Professionals can easily send up-to-the minute contracts, pricing proposals or any other document to customers and clients within minutes. The iBus is deployable as part of every inter-networked Java device from wireless PDA’s, pagers and mobile phones to personal computers, delivering information in real time and with reliable multicast.,