Open Text Corporation and Research In Motion Limited announced a strategic relationship that includes a plan to integrate Livelink and BlackBerry features so that mobile Livelink users may collaborate dynamically within their organizations and throughout their supply chain communities. The BlackBerry wireless email solution includes a wireless handheld with integrated email/organizer software, PC docking cradle, PC synchronization software, single mailbox integration and affordable nationwide airtime. It features an end-to-end security system whereby all corporate email remains encrypted at all points between the desktop PC and the BlackBerry Handheld, meeting standard corporate security guidelines. The “push model” of email delivery that BlackBerry provides does not require the user to dial-in or initiate the connection, so users receive notification as a new email arrives and can respond immediately. Using Livelink’s e-mail integration module and the interactive two-way communication capabilities of BlackBerry, users will have secure, collaborative access to Livelink systems in mobile environments. Livelink users will be able to set a notification for any event that occurs within Livelink, such as a change in status of a document or a completed step in a workflow, and receive timely updates on their BlackBerry Handheld.,