Netscape Communications announced that Netscape Gecko will be used by IBM, Intel, Liberate, NetObjects, Nokia, Red Hat, and Sun Microsystems. These companies will use the cross-platform Netscape Gecko browser engine to extend the Web from the traditional desktop computer to a wide range of Internet devices such as set-top boxes and browsing appliances. Designed to power Internet devices across many platforms and devices, Gecko is a key component of the “AOL Anywhere” strategy. In another announcement, Netscape also said that Netscape 6, its new Gecko-driven Internet browser would be available to the public within the next 25 days. Netscape also announced the availability of XUL (pronounced “zool”), the XML based User interface Language, a new XML application that makes it easy to develop a cross-platform user interface. XUL, the XML-based User Interface Language, uses XML to describe the features, objects, and layout of a traditional desktop application user interface. XUL lays out the user interface elements across all platforms by using these common Web standards: HTML, XML, CSS, the W3C DOM, and JavaScript.,