Mercator Software announced it has joined the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Forum, and is supporting integration with WAP applications and devices through the Wireless Markup Language (WML) standard. Support for WML within Mercator E-Business Integration Broker products gives end user customers the ability to integrate information from existing business systems with WML formats, accelerating the integration of wireless applications into their e-business infrastructure. In addition, Mercator’s WML transformation support allows third party solution providers to deploy wireless applications that can be integrated with the diverse applications of their enterprise customers. In supporting wireless applications, for example, Mercator E-Business Integration Broker software can enable a telecommunications company service representative to receive information regarding a service outage through a WML transaction sent from a computer system in the home office directly to the rep’s mobile device. In the same exchange, the service rep can use the mobile device to check the history of service problems in the area where the problem occurred. All data required to complete this exchange, including information from the home office applications and databases, can be transformed into and out of WML using Mercator E-Business Integration Broker technology.