Hewlett-Packard Company unveiled its roadmap for unifying information exchange in the new Internet economy. HP’s support of Object Management Group’s (OMG) Common Warehouse Metamodel Interchange (CWMI) specification will help customers share information with customers and partners, creating customer intimacy and streamlining the supply chain. The CWMI standard follows XML Metadata Interchange (XMI) by the OMG. Marking the next step in the establishment of a metadata interchange among all data warehousing, business intelligence, knowledge management and portal technologies, the proposed CWMI provides a powerful object model with a set of APIs, interchange formats and services that span the spectrum of metadata relating to the extraction, transformation, transportation, loading, integration and analysis phases within data warehousing. CWMI resolves potential integration issues by enabling users to extend the model to meet their specific needs. HP support of CWMI will help customers with: Simplified Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processing, automated change data management, more useful Online Analytical Processing, real-time data collection from the Internet, and streamlined administration. Additional information from OMG regarding the CWMI specification is available at www.omg.org/news/pr2000/3_20.htm. www.hp.com