SAS Institute announced the availability of Enterprise Reporter software, Release 2.5. Enterprise Reporter allows IT departments to meet end-user reporting needs within one end-user reporting suite. This ensures data consistency across enterprise reporting, reducing the time IT departments spend trying to resolve inconsistencies between reports produced from data warehouses with different end-user reporting tools. New XML support improves end-users’ ability to share information by allowing them to push intelligence in one report into another user’s XML application. The new release of Enterprise Reporter exploits the XML standard with the SAS Document Viewer, a Windows application that allows users to browse, print and e-mail XML-based files. Users can create a report in XML and then push that information into other applications in the XML format. This is the first step in providing full document exchange between the server and any client application in the next generation of Enterprise Reporter. SAS Institute has included the Batch Builder in Enterprise Reporter, Release 2.5. The Batch Builder creates predefined reports in batch mode on the report server. Enterprise Reporter, Release 2.5, is compatible with Version 8 of the SAS System.