Liaison Technology and POET Software announced they have formed an alliance to serve the catalog content needs of B2B Net Market Makers and ASPs. Liaison’s Dexter DE product with Adaptive Content Recognition (ACR) technology complements POET’s eCatalog Suite, (eCS). Together these products create a complete eCatalog solution. They enable Net Market Makers and ASPs to build a critical mass of highly customized content from a diverse population of suppliers, in order to attract and retain buyers. POET’s supplier-driven model and Liaison’s dynamic-commerce model address unique needs of E-business. Together, they create a complete solution for the catalog needs of today’s Net Marketplaces and ASPs. Liaison’s Dexter enables Net Market Makers to quickly build content for their site by identifying and extracting catalog data such as product information, merchandising specifications, and pricing information from the Internet. Dexter also provides transformation and rationalization of the data to conform to numerous data formats, including XML requirements. This enables Net Market Makers to jump-start their content aggregation efforts. The POET eCatalog Suite complements the Dexter approach with a model that enables the supplier to assemble, cleanse and manage eCatalog content, which is then highly customized for specific buyers and Net Market Makers. POET eCS provides suppliers with a self-service solution for all their eCatalog needs, including transformation into any XML dialect or legacy data format. Liaison’s Dexter is deployed at the Net Market Maker’s location to extract catalog data from suppliers’ public Web sites, and rationalize it. This enables Net Market Makers to quickly build catalog content. POET eCS is deployed at the supplier’s location and enables the supplier to provide custom catalogs to all Net Market Makers as well as eProcurement solutions from companies like Ariba, Commerce One and others. These solutions complement each other because Liaison’s Dexter provides Net Market Makers with quick access to catalog content, while POET eCS provides suppliers with a mechanism for sending rich and highly customized data to multiple Net Market Makers.,