Fiorano Software, Inc. announced version 4.0 of the FioranoMQ B2B Edition–the Java technology-based enterprise messaging server with key new features including enhanced security, XML interoperability, and web-based access. FioranoMQ 4.0 combines the benefits of a high-performance, secure, Java Messaging Server (JMS) with business-to-business (B2B) application integration. Enterprise developers can use the XML Interoperability Toolkit to create scalable applications that can be extended to communicate with any external system including those from trading partners, customers, suppliers, and distributors. FioranoMQ 4.0 also allows administrators to configure Software Firewalls, a messaging filtering system for creating highly secure, message applications. Plus, web access support enables web-based clients to access any enterprise Java technology-based messaging system for delivering truly distributed Internet applications. FioranoMQ 4.0 fully complies with the Java Message Server (JMS) 1.02 specification. JMS is a key component of Sun Microsystem’s Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition for the delivery of scalable, enterprise applications. FioranoMQ 4.0 is able to integrate ERP and legacy applications across corporate firewalls, with secure, guaranteed XML-based messaging. As the adoption of XML-based standards continues to accelerate, FioranoMQ 4.0 ensures the development of open trading communities across multiple industries as it supports all major business-to-business initiatives and XML standards.