Autonomy, Inc., announced Kenjin, a service that automatically delivers information (regardless of its location) to consumers as they use their personal computer. With Kenjin, consumers no longer have to stop what they are doing to search for information. Instead, as they surf the Web, draft an e-mail or write a letter, Kenjin automatically connects and delivers related information from the Web, the hard drive and Kenjin users with similar interests. Kenjin uses Autonomy’s core technology, which is capable of analyzing a piece of text and identifying its main ideas. This technology gives Kenjin the ability to understand the concepts, not keywords, in browsers, e-mail or desktop applications. After conducting a real-time analysis of the text in a Web page, Word document or e-mail message, Kenjin automatically recommends links to relevant information from the Web, the PC or individuals that have opted to share their interests with others. The links are displayed in a small window or a tool bar. Kenjin represents the first time consumers have access to the technology found in Autonomy’s products. Kenjin is expected to be available in May 2000. Consumers will be able to download this free service from Autonomy’s Web site.