Arbortext, Inc. announced the mid-March availability of an upgrade to Adept 9.0 that supports additional major operating systems so that customers have more options to deliver richer, more convenient and more personalized content to the Web. In addition to Adept 9.0.1, the products upgraded in this release include Epic version 3.0.1 and Adept Editor LE version 9.0.1. Also included in this upgrade are localized user interfaces for additional languages and product enhancements. Arbortext’s Adept Editor and Adept Publisher are now available on Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX, and Compaq Tru64 Unix. Future support for Windows 2000 is planned. Turbo Styler. Turbo Styler, previously unavailable in Adept Editor LE, is a feature now available in every Arbortext product that helps users quickly and easily develop online stylesheets and prototypes for print stylesheets. Automatic DTD compile function. For customers who load an XML or SGML instance where Adept or Epic can’t immediately locate the DTD, this enhancement allows the user to browse for the associated DTD on the local hard drive, on the network or on the Web, then automatically compile it, and launch Turbo Styler to create a stylesheet. Language support. Included with this product upgrade is a localized user interface in French, German and Spanish. Available mid-March, this product upgrade will be available as a patch. Arbortext customers on maintenance are eligible to receive this upgrade at no charge. Customers can download the patch directly or request a CD-ROM installation kit.