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Day: February 15, 2000

NetPace Launches XML B2B Framework Solution

NetPace launched an integrated B2B platform, enabling business-to-business commerce across industries. NetPace’s B2B Framework Server (NFS) at is a complete XML-based, platform independent process for supply chain management automation. As part of the B2B NFS, NetPace has also released a working prototype demonstrating a typical supply chain process in the automotive industry. Contrary to traditional applications that use Web Server-specific solutions for data exchange over the Web, this framework uses XML as its native data format. The XML framework allows the application to run on any available platform and allows integration with the existing ERP solutions such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, and others. B2B NFS is open enough to be implemented in virtually all types of industries. The prototype simulates a real world scenario and demonstrates how NFS can help trading partners to leverage the Internet, increasing business efficiency.

Filenet’s Panagon eSolutions Partners with Autonomy

Panagon eSolutions, and Autonomy announced a strategic partnership to add Autonomy’s categorization and personalization technology to Panagon eSolutions’ portal products. With Autonomy technology, Panagon eSolutions will fine-tune its identification and classification tools for portal users. The added technology also allows Panagon eSolutions to address portal applications for tracking how content is used by constituents — to determine its value and establish best practices approaches in terms of leveraging key content., Releases XML-Based Document Capability

Internet Commerce Corporation (ICC) announced the addition of new XML based capabilities to their Internet EC solutions. Designed for the vast number of suppliers who are not EDI- enabled, this new feature allows small and medium-sized suppliers to connect into EDI-based supply chains through the Internet. Large companies can transmit EDI data to small suppliers who can then receive and respond to this information through their browser. The XML- based service provides a client-server-like closed-loop environment, which eliminates the need to rekey information that originated with a previously received document set. Incorporating the customer’s own data management rules, this real-time document turnaround capability shortens the user learning cycle, and negates transposition errors and non-compliant document sets. ICC’s unique new feature utilizes XML to automatically pre-populate response documents. Client-side editing insures that required fields are properly filled and the document meets all business rules. A unique mapping feature allows customer-specific, familiar forms to be quickly and easily defined for browser display. With the new feature, a large company can transmit EDI and automatically have it mapped to a browser-based form such as a purchase order. The user can “respond” to a purchase order with an invoice, which is automatically pre-populated, edit it online, and transmit it back to the large company as an EDI stream. This creates a closed-loop electronic solution.

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