Infoteria Inc. announced the availability of the iConnector / SQL Server version 1.0. iConnector / SQL Server allows users to both store XML data into Microsoft SQL Server, and query existing information stored in that server as XML data. iConnector / SQL Server is the latest addition to the iConnector family of products, which embraces a wide variety of industry platforms, including Oracle, Lotus Notes/ Domino and Microsoft Access. The series contains Rule Generator, a user friendly GUI based tool, which allows users to easily map XML data structures to database schemes, and visa versa. iConnector also allows for cross database relational joins where incoming XML data can be stored using another database as a reference. The Japanese version of iConnector / SQL Server will be available on February 14th, 2000 for Microsoft Windows NT4.0. The English version will be available April 1st. iConnector / SQL Server pricing starts at $8,000. In addition, an OEM version will be available.