edocs announced XMLDirect. XMLDirect enables the rapid deployment of applications that transform legacy bill, statement, trade confirmation and other transactional document data directly into XML without the need to write programming code in languages such as C++, Java, or Perl. XMLDirect builds on edocs’ BillDirect platform, which is a complete, off-the-shelf software solution that transforms transactional content into personalized, interactive communications for enabling customer care and marketing via the Internet. With XMLDirect, companies can quickly and easily transform transactional document data into highly structured XML formats, while simultaneously generating XSL format stylesheets. XML format stylesheets can contain business rules that enable XML/XSL -ready applications to intelligently process the XML format information. This simplifies the process of using XML format data within a variety of XML-ready applications, including secure content distribution systems, Internet billing applications, data mining and customer intelligence systems. www.edocs.com