Tegic Communications, a subsidiary of America Online, Inc., and DENSO Wireless announced the companies have signed a global licensing agreement which allows DENSO Wireless to integrate Tegic Communications’ T9 Text Input software into its next generation of wireless phones. The Sprint PCS Touchpoint Phone will be the first handset manufactured by DENSO Wireless to integrate T9 Text Input software. The phone, available exclusively through Sprint PCS, is slated for availability later this year. T9 Text Input makes text entry on wireless phones quick and easy, enabling wireless phone users to more easily use advanced wireless services such as Internet access and email. The Sprint PCS Touchpoint Phone provides subscribers with a simple, affordable way to enjoy the clarity of voice and data services, all within a compact, lightweight design. Among the phone’s features are the ability to access the Internet, a built-in mouse that allows easy navigation through menus and functions and a large, easy-to-read 7-line LCD display. Although each key on a telephone keypad can be interpreted in multiple ways — a single press on the “5” key could be “J,” “K,” or “L”-T9 Text Input uses an internal database to automatically scan possible variations to determine the correct word. For example, entering the word “call” into a mobile phone will take just four key presses with T9 Text Input rather than ten key presses required by conventional “multi-tap” text entry. T9 Text Input is available in a variety of languages including Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. T9 Text Input supports Simplified and Traditional stroke-based Chinese, as well as phonetic Pinyin and BoPoMoFo text input. Work is underway toward the completion of versions of T9 Text Input software for Eastern European and Middle Eastern languages. www.densowireless.com, www.tegic.com